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swimming and spas

About Iceland


Iceland's spectacular natural beauty encompasses mighty ice caps, otherworldly beauty, simple nordic architecture and the world's biggest puffin colonies. There are soaring mountains, hidden valleys, dark canyons, pristine lakes, roaring waterfalls, twisting rivers. 



Swimming and Spas

Thanks to Iceland's abundance of geothermal heat, swimming is a national institution, and nearly every town has at least one sundlaug (heated swimming pool). The clean, chemical-free swimming pools and natural hot springs have a strict hygiene regimen, which involves a thorough shower without a swimsuit before swimming. 

During our retreat we will have the opportunity to bath at Fontana. 

Iceland sunrise

Natural Wonders

It's difficult to remain unmoved by the amazing diversity of the Icelandic landscape. It is not completely covered in ice, nor is it treeless. Both of these landscapes exist, but so do fjords, rolling emerald-green hills, bubbling mud pots, geysers and amazingly beautiful beaches and lakes. It is this rich mix of scenery that will be the backdrop of our yoga retreat experience.